Chromatic Images of Utah's Dixie

Utah's Dixie remains one of the most visually diverse, photogenic areas in the USA. Combined with the friendly but sparce local population and comfortable, affordable accomodations, Southern Utah's collection of outstanding State and National Parks, Monuments and wilderness areas remain unsurpassed as an unforgettable vacation destination.

Everywhere one looks in Dixie fills the eye with colorful vistas, clear azure skies, and compelling images. Its diverse ecology and geology continually challenge the mind to absorb nature's timeless innate beauty and enduring solitude.

As a photographer, Utah's Dixie provides a fantastic mix of sun, weather effects and natural, physical architecture. An infinite array of photographic possibilities constantly reveal themselves to the photog's eye so that good pictures seem easy to create with the main challenge being running out of time to create them.

The effects of eons of geologic layering and subsequent eroding from wind and water are evident everywhere in Utah's Dixie. An outstanding variety of photographic opportunities and recreational pursuits make this vacation playground a fantastic destination any time of the year.

All images on this blog are Copyright 2009 Bill Raddatz